Professional Installation, Repair & Maintenance of Cassette Air Conditioning in Parramatta

When it comes to installation, maintenance, repair, and cleaning Cassette aircon systems in Sydney, AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION is one of the trustworthy names that you can rely on. With formidable experience and under our belt, we come up with a flawless service that ensures you can make the most of your investment for a quality cassette air conditioning system at your residence or commercial property.


Cassette aircon systems are a fantastic option at your commercial setting or your home, more so if you have large open areas with limited wall space. Technically speaking, they work in the same way as the wall-mounted AC units, with the only difference being, the cassette varieties are installed in the ceiling instead of the walls. Structurally, these air con units are discreet and flush with the ceiling, with only the grills visible along the ceiling surface. In fact, this subtleness of appearance is one of the hallmarks of these AC units. Therefore, when it comes to the installation, repair, and maintenance or cleaning of these services what you need is an overtly competent name with a credible competence level. When you put your stakes on us, you meet that prima facie condition we assure you to justify your investment with perfection!

A Seamless Installation Service of Cassette Air conditioning

Spotless installation of a ceiling mounted cassette AC system is imperative for optimum comfort. AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION comes up with an impeccable installation service, which will not only see your AC unit seamlessly being put up, but we also ensure that it performs up to its potential, justifying your decision to install it.

We have the technology as well as the experience of perfect cassette air conditioning installation in Parramatta that will seamlessly gel with the dimension and structure of the ceiling and will ensure the comfort of all the occupants – whether the members of your family at your home or your employees or clientele at your office or commercial property.

A Spotless Repair and Maintenance Service of Cassette Air Conditioning System

We at AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION also come up with comprehensive repair and maintenance service of cassette air conditioning systems in Parramatta. We are home to some of the best and the most competent technicians, who, riding on their experience and acumen would come with thorough repair and maintenance service that will ensure your AC units last long and perform to the best of their abilities. Our quality of service over the years has made us one of the most trusted names in repairing and maintenance services in the domestic, commercial, corporate, official as well as industrial sector. Our repair and maintenance works include:

Cleaning of Cassette Air conditioning System

As these types of AC units are ceiling-mounted, they are not as easily accessible as the other varieties, you need to hire specialised service providers to clean them. This is where we at AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION make the difference. When you put stakes on us, we also come up with a comprehensive cleaning of the cassette air conditioning systems in Parramatta. We realize that air-con units, more so the ceiling-mounted ones need periodic cleaning to ensure they can run to its fullest potential. That is why our highly trained and experienced techies will carry out a thorough cleaning of the AC units to guarantee it runs to its fullest potential.

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