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Professional Ducted Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Maintenance Service in Parramatta

When it comes to ducted air conditioning installation in Parramatta along with, repair & maintenance, you must hire only the best. The reason is obvious – the installation has to be perfect, for proportionate distribution of the conditioned through the ductwork all over your property. AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION pride to state that, with years of experience and with some of the most skilled, qualified, and knowledgeable technicians, we come up with a spotless residential as well as commercial ducted air conditioning installation in Parramatta.

We are affordable and offer a 24×7 service, which means, we are just a phone call away from you at your hour of need, regardless of the time of day or night! In short, be it installation, maintenance, cleaning, or repairing, we are a one-stop solution to your aircon problems!

What is a Ducted Air Conditioning System?

Ducted air conditioning installation in Parramatta is by far the cleanest, quietest and most energy efficient way to bring the comfort of conditioned air to your home or office.

A ducted system consists of a heat exchanger cabinet located outside incorporating an inverter power feature ensuring optimum efficiency of power usage. The air conditioning unit, hidden from view, maybe located in the roof cavity or under the floor, provides clean filtered air ducted anywhere within your living space.

Ducting is the network of sealed flexible cylindrical tubes, connecting the air conditioning unit to each room vent. The ducting network also recirculates air to the unit by means of a return air panel, removing dust, dirt and airborne pollens.

A ducted air conditioning system can also provide different temperature and comfort zones simultaneously, whether for working, sleeping or other activities. A central command point allows adjustments of comfort levels to all areas. Most units provide either sleep or delay functions and some units are also able to be remotely controlled to begin cooling before you arrive.

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Parramatta

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Parramatta

If you are looking forward to a spotless ducted air conditioning installation in Parramatta, you must look for the best name in the business. Only a flawless ducted air conditioning installation will be able to get the best out of your aircon system. What better name can you get than AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION to put faith in! Perfection is one of the parameters that we have always emphasized right from the word ‘go’, and that has made us one of the most dependable names in ducted aircon installation in Parramatta.

We realize that you do not have all the time in the world to spend behind your new aircon. That is why, when you hire us, we turn up at the earliest. Our technicians are highly qualified and expert enough to offer a fast, same day service. We have adequate resources and state of the art tools that ensure we finish off the project quickly and in an efficient, flawless manner.

Repair & Maintenance of Ducted Air Conditioning in Parramatta

We are also one of the most trusted and sought-after names in ducted aircon repairs & maintenance service in Parramatta. We are home to some of the most talented and skilled techies and this ensures that we can address any type of technical hitch – major and minor with perfection, ensuring better performance and long life. When it comes to replacing spare parts, we always vouch for genuine branded parts that will only add functional value to your air conditioning system.

When it comes to maintenance along with ducted air conditioning installation in Parramatta, we take a comprehensive approach, taking care of the AHU as well the entire ductwork to optimize its effect. This helps you to get the most out of your ducted AC system. In short, be it repair or maintenance of ducted AC, AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION turns up as your one-stop solution!

Cleaning of Ducted Aircon System in Parramatta

Ducted air-con units are complicated systems that need periodic cleaning to ensure that functions up to the potential. This is the reason they need periodic cleaning so that they perform optimally as well as efficiently. Our team at AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION not only provides ducted air conditioning installation in Parramatta but also offers an impeccable cleaning service that ensures long term care for your ducted air conditioning units.

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Therefore you see, when you hire AUSTORM AIR SOLUTION, you get an all-inclusive ducted air conditioning installtion, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning service in Parramatta at a reasonable price. In other words, when you put money on us, your investment is justified to the fullest! CONTACT US to know further about our one-stop solution to your air conditioning woes!!

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